Sarge was saved in January, 2017, from an OK kill lot.  His brand shows he was born in 2002.

Blue & Aurora


Blue & Aurora were rescued in August, 2015 from the Kaufman Texas Kill Pen. At the time Blue was 12 yrs. old and Aurora was approx 4 months old.

Haley's Comet


Comet was saved in May, 2015,  from the Bowie Kill Pen in Texas.  She was our first rescue.

Deva & Feona



Deva & Feona are bonded BLM burro jennies of unknown age.  Due to their light color & minimal contact we have been unable to get close enough to read their brands. Both are super shy and will only let  us love on them a little at a time.  Saved July, 2016, from Bastrop Kill Pen 



Lakota was saved from a New Jersey kill buyer in May, 2017.  Through generous donations, we were able to get this gorgeous '07 gelding to the Sanctuary in Texas.