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What is a rescue without adopters?

While there are very few non-profit Mustang rescues willing to rescue from kill pens, all Mustang rescue groups have one thing in common.  We ALL love Mustangs!!   How those Mustangs are saved has come under fire, but it all boils down to saving the life of a Mustang or Burro.  Once that life is saved, they either go to sanctuary or they need a loving person of their own to trust again & a place of their own to call home.

If your heart is open to showing an icon of the American West love and having him or her become your companion for the rest of their life, you are welcome to contact us and we'll talk about who may be your perfect match.

Mustangs or Burros for adoption

John & Wayne


A bonded pair of BLM burros currently at their foster home in OK.   The boys have  enjoyed their temporary home in foster, but would like to find a permanent  home soon!  These boys will not be separated for adoption. 

Q or Queen Marley


Initially rescued as a gelding, "Marley" turned out to be a mare.  A TIP trainer has volunteered to advance her training and brush out the dreadlocks, so Q's age may be determined.




KILCHI  AKA RUSTY - 18 year old pony mustang gelding - rides, but does better much better with kids than adults!!! Located in Missouri 

~ Available for adoption ~



Dalton  - 15 year old mustang gelding with cute appy spots on his nose - this  gentle boy shows signs of an old injury and is not sound to ride but  would make a great pasture pal for the right home!!!  Currently in the  DFW area with his foster. 



Dee stands great for baths, farrier, fly spray etc.... she also has a smooth ride!!! Currently located in South TX 



Mustang pony mare - has been in training and currently getting to be a  lesson horse for kids/teens - very willing and wants to please, just  needs some more wet saddle pads!!  Located in OK

Senior-Rita is available to adopt!

Safe in her foster home - Rita hangs w/the kids


  • March 30, 2019:  Rita is good with other horses & obviously doesn't mind hanging out with goats.  She loves attention - even from kids (the 2 legged kind)  - and would love to have a field of her own somewhere.    This 27 yr old Mustang mare is in great shape for an older girl

~ More Mustangs available to adopt ~



Beauty has not been tested out for riding yet, but will be once she finishes  settling in with her foster.  She is very sweet with people (including  babies), but is a dominant mare and will let the others know she's boss.   We will know more about her abilities as she continues to settle in! 



 Beast is a sweet Mustang gelding at the low end of the pecking order - very willing and has  had some training, but needs to continue to put on weight and settle in more before he is tested out by the foster.  Located in South  TX. 


Johnny and Cash

These  two 15 year old mustang geldings are very bonded.  Rounded up  as yearlings, they have been together their entire lives.  Johnny has had  x-rays due to lameness and was diagnosed with ringbone in one foot, so he is  looking to be a pasture pal only. 

Cash may be able to train, but they  are unlikely to be willing to go separate ways, so they may both need to be pasture ornaments for the right home.  They will not be separated for  adoption. 

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