What is a rescue without adopters?

While there are very few non-profit Mustang rescues willing to rescue from kill pens, all Mustang rescue groups have one thing in common.  We ALL love Mustangs!!   How those Mustangs are saved has come under fire, but it all boils down to saving the life of a Mustang or Burro.  Once that life is saved, they either go to sanctuary or they need a loving person of their own to trust again & a place of their own to call home.

If your heart is open to showing an icon of the American West love and having him or her become your companion for the rest of their life, you are welcome to contact us and we'll talk about who may be your perfect match.  These Mustangs are in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Louisiana.

BLM Mustangs & Burros available to adopt - 10/28/2019



 Dutchess  is a special case - she has been with a trainer in Louisiana who has  been working with her and she has developed some health issues that will  make her placement a little more difficult.  She is doing amazing now that  she has been diagnosed w/metabolic issues and must be kept in a  dry lot,  No lush grass like we prefer.  Dutchess will also need  to be exercised regularly to help prevent her from foundering.  She is a  sweetheart and needs a family to call her own! 


Baby Doll & Barbie

Located  in OK where they are being fostered together until we can find an adopter that can take them as a pair.  They are very bonded and Baby  had a yearling colt (Casper) shortly after her rescue who is also  available!  These girls are definitely project horses!  They were Sale  Authority and we believe they wound up in the kill pen very shortly  after they were purchased from the BLM because they have had no  training.  Their foster has worked on building trust but they haven't  been pushed on groundwork yet.  We are holding out hope for the perfect home  to teach them their potential and let them continue to see that humans  are not all bad! 




Born in June, 2018 to rescued SA BLM Mustang, Baby Doll (above) Casper ia a Palomino Pinto w/blue eyes,  He is currently with a trainer in OK along with two other colts available to adopt, Concho and Reagan.

5 young Mustangs available to adopt in OK.

5 young Mustangs in OK

Saved at Texas auction

These  young mustangs were picked up at an auction in TX and have finished up  their quarantine and ready for a new home where they can go any  direction you want!  A couple are shy,  but others are very curious - each  one is going to be an amazing companion for the right person!! For now  we are calling them Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro and Cinco but they will get  their forever names from their adopters!  

John & Wayne


A bonded pair of BLM burros currently at their foster home in OK.   The boys have  enjoyed their temporary home in foster, but would like to find a permanent  home soon!  These boys will not be separated for adoption. 

Q or Queen Marley


Initially rescued as a gelding, "Marley" turned out to be a mare.  A TIP trainer has volunteered to advance her training and brush out the dreadlocks, so Q's age may be determined.



aka Louise

6  year old Sale Authority Mustang mare located in central TX.  This gorgeous girl takes a saddle and  has her ground work down.  Cayenne is ready to take the next step in her  training to be a great riding companion!  



3  year old Mustang gelding located in OK with a trainer where he is  coming along very nicely!  He was one of the 7 Spanish Angels we saved  last December out of KS. 




Yearling colt - he was a surprise baby after we rescued his mom.  He will be gelded soon.   He entered his 1st show in Sept. '19 and got 3rd place! Thank you  Joyce for giving him such a great start and Shanti for continuing his education.



Frieda  has been spending the last few months at a children's home in Abilene,  TX and has been a great addition to the herd, but when they evaluated her  for their riding program Frieda didn't take to the saddle and  bucked.  She is going to need a home that is able to just let her be a  pasture pal due to a cyst that may have caused her pain when saddled. On the ground this big girl is amazing!!!   

Senior-Rita is available to adopt!

Safe in her foster home - Rita hangs w/the kids


  • UPDATE 12/23/19:  RITA HAS FOUND HER PERSON!!  Congratulations to this beautiful girl on her retirement home.
  • March 30, 2019:  Rita is good with other horses & obviously doesn't mind hanging out with goats.  She loves attention - even from kids (the 2 legged kind)  - and would love to have a field of her own somewhere.    Born in 1991, this Mustang mare is in great shape for an older girl

Keep checking back! This page is updated regularly.

Mr. Snorty - 4 yr old gelding


MR  SNORTY is getting  restarted from the ground up.  We have spoken with the TIP trainer that  originally this guy & found out what he responds well to and what he  doesn't.  Snorty is definitely a project and we will not rush him  through his training so any potential adopters will need to be patient  on his adoption process.  Depending on how long it takes to find his  person we may require that he stay at the trainer's another month or  longer to make sure that he is ready. 

Loki - 17 yr old gelding



LOKI  is a 17 year old Mustang gelding shown riding at the KP  and is currently with a trainer in OK where he is finishing out his QT and  will be evaluated further.  He is a nice thick boy and will make someone  a great companion!  Contact Evanescent, if you're interested in this beauty.

Sif - 14 yr. old mare


Sif  is a 14 year old, 14.3-15 hand Mustang mare from Green Mountain HMA (Wyoming ) currently with a foster in Arkansas.  Sif has great ground  manners, very willing to please attitude and was ridden in her ad from  the kill pen. The transporter said she trailered well, he was also a  farrier & trimmed her hooves before bringing her to her foster she did well for that also.  She didn't  put up any fuss getting saddled, but she wasn't ready for a ride so we  are going back to the basics and building more trust before asking more  of her.  Sif will make a great companion for her perfect match!

Video of Sif going through a gate




 Beast is a sweet Mustang gelding at the low end of the pecking order - very willing and has  had some training, but needs to continue to put on weight and settle in more before he is tested out by the foster.  Located in South  TX. 


Johnny and Cash

These  two 15 year old mustang geldings are very bonded.  Rounded up  as yearlings, they have been together their entire lives.  Johnny has had  x-rays due to lameness and was diagnosed with ringbone in one foot, so he is  looking to be a pasture pal only. 

Cash may be able to train, but they  are unlikely to be willing to go separate ways, so they may both need to be pasture ornaments for the right home.  They will not be separated for  adoption. 

Mustangs for adoption - not just in Texas!



Currently located in Colorado with Johnny and Cash (who are available  to be adopted together) - We were originally told she was pregnant from  the kill pen she was saved from, but turns out she was just on the heavy  side!  She has pinto markings and a beautiful personality!  She's a  project ustang and ready for a family to start her at the beginning! 


Mariko - 13 yr old mare

MARIKO  is a 13 year old grulla pinto Mustang mare currently at our satellite sanctuary in OK.  She is halter broke and possibly rides but  we haven't finished her evaluation since she originally arrived at the sanctuary pregnant.  Sadly, her filly only survived a few months.  Mariko is ready to go into training or become someone's gorgeous pasture puff!   She has a very sweet temperament and wants to please so her training  should progress nicely once she has made the connection! 



Akira is a blue roan pinto mare rescued the same time as Mariko.   She is very gentle, willing to learn and looking for a person who will love her the rest of her life.

Meet Beauty


  We  have seen her go from being a baby sitter to being very aggressive with  other horses (mares and geldings), but it hasn't been all the time.  We  believe there is a bit of a hormonal issue going on and it is possible  the behaviors were brought on when she  went into season.  Beauty is currently in a big pasture with a herd of  horses (most of them bigger than her) and bucking bulls, so she's  been very well behaved since she was moved to her foster's place in CO. 

Maggie & Reagan

Mother & son

 Maggie and Reagan are available for adoption together or separate - Maggie has  been lightly worked / ridden - she doesn't know much yet but has a lot  of potential to be a great riding mustang!  Reagan is going to be gelded  soon, but for now he's just getting to be a colt.  He hangs out with the  older boys Casper and Concho and does great with them! 


Lady... has been ADOPTED!

If you had seen Lady when she was skin and bones (see Latest News), you would NOT believe this is the same Mustang!  Looking SO much better and was said to be a riding horse at one time.   Lady  is a 14 year old mustang mare from Fox Hog HMA in California, was  gathered 08/2005, adopted 07/2008 titled 12/2009, rescued 06/19.   

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