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Mustang Nursery Pasture - Jan. 1, 2019

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In 2018, we were overwhelmed with the number of mustang mares we saw at  risk of going to slaughter that were either pregnant or with a foal at  their side.  We are fortunate for our foster homes who were  able to make room for the mares to go through quarantine and foaling; however,  it is very difficult to find the right homes for mare/foal pairs. 

Our goal for 2019 is to focus on our long term goals, which includes  purchasing land to create a nursery where mustang mommas can have their  foals without taking up space at a foster's where another mustang or  burro can be saved.

We realize that this is a huge request, but if our  supporters can commit to as little as a coffee a week ($5/week =  $20/month) we will be able to make this happen!!!  The fundraiser can  only go for 3 months at a time and we need to have a portion of the  funding in place to be able to even approach land owners - overall land  in this area sells for approximately $10,000/acre  and we would like to acquire 10 (or more) acres in the next few years.   My parents raised me to dream big....  the mustangs and burros have  taught me to dream even bigger for THEM!!  Thank you to everyone that  has been so supportive from the beginning, and we welcome any new  supporters to help us make these dreams come true!!! 

How to support this cause:

Thank you to everyone that  has been so supportive of Evanescent Mustang Rescue & Sanctuary from the beginning and we welcome any new  supporters to help us make these dreams come true!!! 

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The link below will take you to our Facebook fundraiser page. 

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