... and to start the month off - June 8, 2019

Additional Information

Meet Lady - a very sweet, skinny Mustang.  When Evanescent heard about her heading to auction, our amazing supporters stepped up again and we were able to keep her from going to the kill buyer!  However, as you can see she has a long recovery ahead.  While donations to save the Mustangs  up front are *always* appreciated, funds are equally important for their health care & special diets.

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May updates...


From Luci(fer) to Lucy

Lucy was one of the 7 Spanish Angels and she has since gone through an amazing transformation.  It took being let out with a herd and one special horse in the group to show her everything will be ok!  Read the full story here.

But that's not all the good news...  Lucy has been ADOPTED!!



Saved from a Texas kill pen auction just two weeks after being picked up at an adoption event.  Gandalf is  4 yrs old from Beauty Butte Oregon - sale authority.  

He has arrived at his foster home in Colorado where he will be gentled.  Fortunately, he has remained healthy through his QT, but if you are able to donate any amount toward his hauling & care while he decompresses, we would be ever grateful!

Feel free to contact us to inquire about Mustangs for adoption.  

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March 5, 2019 - Updates...

Atoka now at Evanescent Sancturary


As of March 1, 2019, Atoka has made it to Evanescent's Sanctuary to live out his life in peace.  Words cannot convey how grateful we are to our donors and fosters to get ALL the Mustangs on this page to a safe place!  Pictured below are just some of the Mustangs saved in 2019 either at auction or from kill pens in the South.


Baby Hope


We were made aware of a Mustang yearling filly in a Colorado kill pen, which broke our hearts.  Our donors felt the same and came together to raise the funds to save this baby - Feb., 2019.

Pony Mustang - Valentine


Valentine was saved from a KS Kill pen after we found her there... yes, on Valentine's Day.  The vet treating her for kill pen crud is estimating her at about 20 yrs. old.



Mariko & Akira (pic below) both came from a N. Texas kill pen and are said to be pregnant.  Both will be vet checked next week at their foster home.   Thank you SO much to our donors for saving this beautiful pinto grulla and her friend, Akira.

It's hard to tell, but Akira is also a pinto - saved w/Mariko from a N. Texas kill pen.


It's hard to tell, but Akira is a pinto also.




Faith was saved pre-kill  pen at a livestock auction.  She was so traumatized by her experience there, she had to be moved to a 2nd foster home due to her behavior getting the other horses riled up too much.  She now has her own quiet area to settle in and recover. 


Dec. 21, 2018

Seven Mustangs @ Kansas kill pen

UPDATE 12/24:  Our donors are LITERALLY AMAZING!!  Enough money was raised in the last hours to save ALL SEVEN of the Mustangs!  Evanescent is so incredibly thankful for all donors of ALL amounts and for saving the lives of these horses.

12/21:  As of this posting, just 15 hours ago there were 7 BLM branded Mustangs posted on the Kansas kill pen Facebook page (3 shown above).   Most are geldings listed at "under 8 yrs. old" and just $450 each.  Evanescent Mustang Rescue is fundraising to save what we are calling the SEVEN SPANISH ANGELS.

We have until December 24th to keep them from shipping to slaughter. 

What better gift to give this time of year than THE GIFT OF LIFE!  We have a trainer lined up for four, but our goal is to raise funds to save them all.  Seven Mustangs @ Kansas kill pen

Photos and how to help:

To see photos of all the Mustangs, click the "Find out more" button below.

When you make a donation, make a suggestion of a new name for one of the seven spanish angels!


10/10/18 - 27 yr old Mustang at OK kill pen


Meet Senior-Rita

UPDATE 3/30/19:  Rita is safe and on the Adoptable page!!

Her brand puts her at 27 yrs. old and she was obviously loved by someone, but has found herself in the Oklahoma kill pen.  We are ALMOST at the funds needed to get her to Sanctuary where she can live the rest of her beautiful life!


Only $250 still needed to make bail

As of 1:55p Oklahoma time on 10/10, we only need $250 more to make her bail.  Any amount is appreciated!!  Let's get Rita SAFE!!



Do you want to sponsor Rita with a monthly donation to help her live out her life with a herd again?  Just leave a comment when you donate. 

8/26: Two Mustangs w/Horse trader


Available in south Texas

UPDATE 10/10:  Beast is now listed on the Available to adopt page.

There is a foster for the bay gelding, but we need to raise $500 to cover his price.   There is a foster available for him, but we need a place for the mare to go.


Can we save the mare?

UPDATE 10/10:  Beauty is now listed on the Available to adopt page

If enough funds are raised AND a place for her is found, the mare will be added too.  Can you help?

August, '18 updates

Help get them to TX?

Mustang mares saved from kill pen:  Barbie, Baby Doll and her foal, Casper.

We're trying to raise the funds to get Barbie, Baby Doll & her foal, Casper, to Texas.  Specify in comments  that you want to help with their transport costs when donating.

Saved @ auction!


8/18:  This gelding was saved by bid over the phone because we had nobody at auction to bid & keep him safe.  We got him for just $375 and kept him out of kill buyer hands

Reba update


8/22:  Confirmed about 7 mos. pregnant, Reba sadly lost her foal.  She was allowed to grieve over the baby before he was buried nearby w/a lock of her mane.  Reba continues to heal and gain much needed weight.

8/23: Salt Wells pair - SAFE!!


Together since being gathered in '03, two geldings were rescued from an OK kill pen with the help of a donor of $850! We only raised $35 toward their match.  If you want to help with their bail, specify Salt Wells geldings in the note.

How to donate:

We are always grateful for your generous support no matter what the amount.

Freedom ride for Reba!

Reba's freedom ride

Saved July 25, 2018 from Bastrop, LA kill pen

Named after Reba McEntire, another beautiful redhead, this beauty arrived thinner than expected, but has arrived at her foster home to be pampered and put on a special diet to help her gain the weight she needs.

Reba may be pregnant...

Do you want to help by sponsoring Reba's rehabilitation? 

Any donation to help with her recovery is greatly appreciated!  We have some amazing supporters and just want to say THANK YOU to every one who has helped with Reba and the many other Mustangs rescued this year.

To donate specifically toward Reba's care, click below and note REBA in the comments. 

...later July 7th

Mustang yearling filly won at kb & flipper auction in south Texas

Kill buyer intercept!!

We learned of this yearling Mustang filly going to auction in south TX from a rescue friend who reached out to see if we could help keep her out of the 'flippers' & kill buyers hands.  Thanks to two generous donations, we were able to cover $400 of the $450 bid needed to win her.

Just $50 will cover the remainder of her  purchase price and $100 should take care of her time in QT while we  figure out the rest of the details. Donations to help sponsor this  beauty can go through
A HUGE thank you to New Caney Equine Rescue for helping us save this young mustang! 


July 7, 2018 - a foal is born!

Evanescent welcomes the 2nd foal saved from slaughter

Baby Doll finally revealed the newest addition to Evanescent  Mustangs saved from slaughter!!! At first look the baby appears to be a  colt, but we should know for sure soon!  More pics to come soon!!! We  will be keeping Baby Doll, Barbie and new baby at their QT facility for 2-4 more weeks to make sure they're ready for a road trip.

A HUGE thank you to  Bluestem Acres Equine Services for keeping them safe and allowing Doll to have her foal in peace.

Do you want to sponsor Doll & her baby?

Evanescent is a 501(c)3 non profit organization and any donation is tax deductible.  Sponsor a day of quarantine or make a donation in a loved one's honor.  

Paint gelding @ OK kill pen

Paint gelding @ OK Kill pen!

June 31, 2018: Atoka is SAFE, out of QT & headed to foster.

June 23, 2018:  We may not find out how THIS Mustang found himself in a kill buyer's hands, but Evanescent cannot and will not sit by while he goes to a slaughter house!!  His price is $900, plus Quarantine (QT).  

All donations go toward the Mustangs and all donations are tax deductible because Evanescent is a 501(c)3 charity.  We are grateful for any and all amounts !  Thank you for viewing out page.


Freedom Ride for Ghost & Cherokee

June 21, 2018

We had just enough to cover Ghost's bail in time to be picked up with  Cherokee!! And Dee (the bay Bowie mare) got picked up about the same  time! So thankful for all our supporters!!! 

 Our final mustang of the week, Ghost, just needs $300 to cover her  quarantine.... We are calling her Ghost because she was almost gone  before we knew about her... she wasn't posted on the site but our QT gal  at Bluestem Acres Equine Services found out about her while she was  picking up Barbie and Baby Doll. 

We raised just enough in time for Ghost  to be picked up with Cherokee today!!!   In just 5 days we've saved FIVE BLM branded Mustangs (and one unborn baby)!   EVERY donation is appreciated immensely AND is tax deductible.


Barbie & Doll in KS kill pen

June 16, 2018: They are SAFE! Any add'tl funds will go to QT & care. THANK YOU!

June 15, 2018 - I'm calling these two Barbie and Doll....
We really need to get  these two lovely ladies safe.... no donation is too small!!!  We have a  good QT lined up and transport should be able to be arranged for this  weekend if we can get the funds in time... we do not want another baby  born on one of the kill lots and we don't know how far along she would  be!!!! The mare with the extra markings appears to have gone through the  BLM PZP program (birth control) but looking at these two they  likely came from the same herd and could easily be related.... but we  won't know their full stories until we get them safe and settled!!! 

Can you help with their rescue?

We appreciate each and every one of our supporters.  Help us get these two beauties safe!

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